Friday, August 3, 2007

Measuring Success of Innovation

In 2005, PricewaterhouseCoopers conducted a survey on organization's innovation policy, interviewing 355 CEOs of the largest US companies.

CEOs from two-thirds of America's fastest-growing private companies report that innovation is an organization-wide priority, and almost all say it has had a significant, positive impact on their business. Further, the overwhelming majority rate their business better at innovation than their one or two strongest competitors. But, in this scenario, could something be amiss? One in four of those citing innovation as a priority say they do not have an R&D budget. (Source: PWC, 2005)



  1. Holger, you might be interested in the BCG "Innovation 2007" report, just released (available from the "publications" section of the BCG website). It's more current, and has some great information.


    Lauchlan Mackinnon

  2. Holger,

    Another great resource are the team at "Seeds of Innovation". They have a unique, connected way to measure and drive innovation in a department, division, or organization.