Monday, August 6, 2007

Community of Change Management Bloggers is Growing (1)

When I started this Blog, I was surprised about the small number of other blogs that deal specifically with the subject of Change Management. Certainly, there are some other blogs that deal with related issues, and I keep reporting about them. More...


  1. Hi Holger,

    Thank you for your warm welcome to the Change Management Blog community. I hope that I can bring together useful information. Your blog is very interesting so I have added a link to it on my page.

  2. Let me add my embryonic blog to the pot: I hope to continue the conversation started with the publication of my book VIRAL CHANGE. I am very fond of Holger’s work (which I follow quietly) and ‘found’ your blog now. I like the idea of the multi-approach to the change management world. I certainly take a very precise view of it: change management as the creation of internal infections. I am delighted with the success of the idea/book which I have been implemented for year- only recently packaged in a ‘proper book’. In my website, there is a recent review of the book and a eight page article (“Changing the way we think about change”) that summarises the type of intervention. Apologies, I intended to leave hyperlinks but I haven’t managed to do it in the comments box. Thanks Holger for the opportunity to share these ideas