Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Knowledge Journeys

I was impressed by a blog that I discovered today by an Australian company called Anecdotes which uses narrative approaches to change facilitation. In an article called "Knowledge strategy - three journeys", they write:

We’ve learned that top down strategies don’t work. ... To get things moving
in an organisation we’ve developed what we call the three journeys

The first journey is designed to help the organisation's leaders
develop a common understanding of what they would like to achieve and defining
this end-state in broad terms, while knowing that detailed plans are unlikely to
be achieved. ...

The second journey involves the rest of the organisation (or a
representative subset) planning how they will get to the desired state.

The third journey is when the organisation actually embarks on implementing
the ideas developed in the first two imaginary journeys. ...

I like their approach and there is more to discover. Read more.

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