Saturday, April 21, 2007

Portland Workshop Ends With World Café

Friday afternoon, 6 pm Pacific time: together with Peggy Holman, Gilbert Brenson-Lazan, and a mixed bunch of people from Florida, Alaska, Canada, the Bay Area, Kansas, Missouri, New Mexico, etc., we completed a workshop on Change Management and Change Facilitation at the Process Institute in Portland, Oregon. It was an intensive time for all of us and the feedback we received from the participants tells us that we might have raised more questions than we have answered. This is the key to transformation. What we also hear is that participants go back to their work places enriched with a new perspective on what change in people, teams and organizations is all about. More...


  1. This was an amazing 2 days from both professional and personal perspectives. I would have loved to have yet one more day to allow covering even more tools and theories.

    I thank the presenters and all of the other participants who made it a fruitful and awesome learning experience.
    Ellen M., St. Louis, MO

  2. The two days provided rich conversations about change at many levels - from individuals within an organization to teams and complex systems. The tools and exercises provided useful ideas of how to frame strategic discussions with clients.

    Thank you presenters and participants for sharing your collective wisdom.
    Brenda Holden
    Fairbanks, Alaska

  3. Many thanks for a great experience!
    Randall Franklin
    Group Manager, BART, San Francisco

  4. It was great being with all of you and I know I feel better prepared to help my team move through some significant changes we're facing.
    Connie Keyser
    Regional Director, Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean
    Children International