Thursday, April 5, 2007

Kicking Off In Style!

Hello everyone, Rik and Vicki here reporting from this mornings activities of the global gathering.
Mohammad and Holger - the "dynamic duo" started the meeting and set the mood with positive energy.
Many participants were already "warmed-up" from Christina's wonderful heart meditation and QiGong session earlier this morning.

After recapping on the activities of CFAN from the last twelve months, the room was "transformed" into a CFAN World Cafe.
The focus question discussed was "How can we optimise the way we meet over the next few days from exploration to co-creation?"
Some key insights included: reflection time, crystalising connections, strong roots, making action from common ideas and many more which are currently sharpening the program over the next few days.
It was great to see the power of the World Cafe methodology in action as many common themes eventuated crystalising future direction.

Lunch was well earned and enjoyed.....stay tuned for more later!

Rik & Vicki

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  1. Thanks for the reports everyone. Im trying to stay in touch but it's not the same as being there. I'm so envious!!!! Please post some photos as well if you have the time.