Friday, March 9, 2007

Systems thinking in wartorn environments

While Holger ends his African journey, I'm going to make you think about how change impacts people, business, and government further north, in Lebanon.
What if war made you leave your country, and you came back after 20 years to find out that you can't have a favorite color without being labelled into a certain political party???
That's the experience of a friend of mine in Beirut who recently had to re-paint her brand new orange Nissan, since she wasn't allowed by residents to park it many parts of the city. All this talk about colors brings Spiral Dynamics to mind when navigating such surroundings. It's one way to see how the state of a human system can be unsettled by cause-and-effect relationships, which is a prerequisite to effecting change amidst chaos. David Butlein, PhD., and I give it our take in this case study here...


  1. Hi Habib, can you elaborate a bit more about the meaning of "orange" in the current Lebanese society, i.e. why did you friend face problems with an orange car?