Friday, February 9, 2007

Emerging Technologies

One of the change drivers that keeps fascinating me a lot are emerging technologies. It goes without saying that there has not been such a strong change driver as the WWW for ages. The way we are working, communicating, organizing, making contact, learning, etc. is fundamentally different than only 10 years ago. When did you start to work on the Internet? For me, it was 1995, and in 1997, I published the first version of the Change Management Toolbook. When did your organization recognize the need to adapt to the information age? What is different today, or better, what is not different compared to how your organization worked? Fascinating to see that some organizations can successfully resist the technological change - and I am not talking about the small shop keeper in a South Indian village. Recently, I saw a feature about the main criminal court in Berlin. They do not have an electronic filing system for the cases - all is still stored in an enourmous paper archive. More...

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  1. First, congraulations about creating this blog! Second, I agree with you, as facilitators of change, we need to look ahead and watch for trends...

    In my end, in the early 80' when I first read a book about some megatrends (moving into an information society, high teh, world economy, long term, descentralization, descentralization, multiple options...) some things were surreal to me. Nevertheless, 25 years we some ways in a completly different world. So, yes, let's look ahead and exchange ideas in this forum. Thanks!